Lux Tinting | Professional Automotive Tinting | Hickory, NC

Tinting your car's windows is an inexpensive way to:

  • Increase its looks
  • Increase its value
  • Protect you and your car's interior from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • Block infrared (IR) radiation which heats up your car
  • Enhance privacy
  • Minimize glare


Our window tint film has a lifetime warranty and is not the cheap stuff sold at auto supply stores.  Lux Tinting only uses premium, Made in the USA films with lifetime warranties.  You won't see any purple, bubbly mess from us!
We are easy to find and just one mile off of I-40 (Exit 125) in Hickory, NC.
Are you looking for glass tinting for cars, window tinting, tinted glass for cars, or car glass tinting?  Come on by and see what we can do for you and your vehicle.

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